Nature Inspired.
Technology Driven.

We’re combining plant science with our proprietary TALEN® technology to reinvent what’s possible.

We are a plant-based technology company with our eyes fixed firmly on what’s next. We use our proprietary TALEN® gene-editing technology to work with world-class partners via seed sale arrangements, trait licensing and technology licensing to revolutionize the way the world uses plants to solve problems.

Our Technology Makes It Possible

Calyxt is making possible what farmers and botanists have been doing for hundreds of years, choosing the best crops and breeding them to make stronger, more uniform, sustainable plants. We accelerate that process with groundbreaking TALEN® gene-editing technology to enhance the unique characteristics that naturally exist in each plant, allowing us to develop healthier and more sustainable products.

TALEN® Technology is the Engine Behind our Innovation

Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nuclease (TALEN®) is engine behind our innovation. Our advanced breeding technology allows for precision targeting of existing genes within a plant’s genome. Informed by a proprietary trait-discovery process, this targeting allows our scientists to select for desired characteristics, accelerating breeding in a fraction of the time.

With gene editing, we are simply using science to accelerate the process and develop crops that have the best, most desired traits possible — and unlike GMOS, contain no foreign DNA in the final product.

Growing a More Sustainable World, One Innovation at a Time

You have sustainability goals and our TALEN toolbox can help you to reach them.

Our Values


We believe that the potential of what’s next is greater than what’s now


We believe that success includes an obligation to improve the world around us


Our curiousity drives to discover what’s possible when we unlock the brilliance of nature


Our strength as a business comes from the diverse ideas, interest and backgrounds of our employees and the communities we proudly support

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Meet the Calyxt Leadership Team

Jim Blome
Chief Executive Officer
Dan Voytas
Chief Science Officer
Bill Koschak
Chief Financial Officer
Debra Frimerman
General Counsel
Travis Frey
Chief Technology Officer