Nature Inspired.
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We’re designing plant-based solutions to create a sustainable future.

We are a plant-based synthetic biotechnology company focused on engineering innovations that help our customers meet their sustainability goals. We use our PlantSpring™ technology platform to unleash the natural capabilities of the plant to sustainably develop high-value materials and products for world-class and industry leading companies.

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Calyxt Announces New Strategic Direction

We are excited to announce the launch of our new strategic initiative to provide sustainable, plant-based synthetic biology solutions to an expanded group of end markets and diversified base of customers.

Calyxt Announces Collaboration with Leading Global Food Ingredient Manufacturer to Develop Palm Oil Alternative

Calyxt’s new partnership with an Asia-based food ingredient company will develop an edible oil alternative to palm oil, demonstrating the power of our technology to deliver high-value and sustainable products.

PlantSpring: Our Innovation Engine

PlantSpring™ builds on our experience engineering plant metabolism and our proprietary systems to unleash the natural capabilities of the plant, the original biological system. By leveraging predictive and analytics tools, we drive down production cycle times and harness plant chemistries in a robust and sustainable manner.

BioFactory: Our Production System

Driven by our PlantSpring™ Technology platform, Calyxt’s bioreactor-based production system, the BioFactory™, enables the controlled replication and processing of plant-based molecules producing compounds using a matrix of plant cells. Using Calyxt’s BioFactory customers can manufacture complex, scarce plant compounds year-round indoors, protected from any adverse climate effects.

Growing a More Sustainable World, One Innovation at a Time

At Calyxt, we believe in the power and possibilities of plants. Discover how our PlantSpring platform and BioFactory can enable you to achieve your sustainability goals.

Leveraging Calyxt’s Expertise and Legacy

Calyxt’s Technology Licensing opportunity spans our vast intellectual property library built over ten years as a leading biotechnology company, including multiple gene editing platforms, plant breeding, and other capabilities.