About Calyxt

Game Changers

At Calyxt, we’re doing what farmers and botanists have been doing for hundreds of years: choosing the best crops and breeding them to make stronger, more sustainable, higher-yielding plants. We accelerate that process with leading-edge TALEN® technology to enhance the unique characteristics that naturally exist in each plant, allowing us to develop healthier and more sustainable ingredients. Founded in 2010, Calyxt is headquartered in Roseville, Minnesota.

Leading-edge plant science is what we do

Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nuclease (TALEN®) is a big part of how we do it. Developed in part by Calyxt co-founder and Chief Science Officer Dan Voytas, Ph.D., TALEN is an advanced breeding technology that allows for precision targeting of existing genes within a plant’s genome. That targeting allows our scientists to select for desired characteristics, accelerating breeding in a fraction of the time.

Our Identity Preserved System

Our process drives our innovation engine

First, we work with each seed at a molecular level, to develop seeds with desired characteristics. Unlike GMO crops, our products contain no foreign DNA. We simply harness the unique characteristics that naturally exist in the plant.

Next, we get the seeds to growers in our Premium Producer Program. The crops they grow for us are traceable right to the county in which they were grown, thanks to our Identity Preserved Program that tracks seed all the way to our final product.

Meet the Calyxt Officers

Michael A. Carr
President & Chief Executive Officer
Bill Koschak
Chief Financial Officer
Debra Frimerman
General Counsel
Travis Frey, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
Sarah Reiter
Chief Business Officer

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