Calyxt Announces Research Collaboration and Licensing Agreement for Trait Development in Wheat, Rice and Corn

December 16, 2015 — New Brighton, Minn. — Calyxt, Inc., a Minnesota-based company focused on developing healthier food products to benefit both consumers and farmers, today announced that it has signed a research collaboration and option to exclusive licenses with Plant Bioscience Limited (PBL) for certain new crop plants developed using gene editing by the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (IGDB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. Plants with new traits in wheat, rice and corn are currently at various stages of development using gene-editing technology and include quality improvement and yield increase traits.

Calyxt previously announced a licensing agreement with PBL for a resistance trait to powdery mildew, a devastating disease in wheat, which was developed by IGDB. This new collaboration expands on that relationship and boosts the trait development pipeline at Calyxt for gluten-reduced wheat. It also provides access to traits in two new crops: rice and corn.

“Our partnership with PBL would supplement our internal trait development pipeline with new traits that will be pivotal additions to our existing trait portfolio,” said Dan Voytas, Chief Scientific Officer of Calyxt, Inc. “More importantly, it will also help to expedite Calyxt’s mission to bring healthier food products to market.”

Dr Jan Chojecki, PBL’s managing director, said: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Calyxt in this new agreement which secures funding for some very exciting research at IGDB and which promises to lead to new crops with a wide range of benefits both for farmers and consumers.”

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