Cellectis plant sciences launches its new website

New Brighton (Minnesota, USA), September 29, 2014 – Cellectis plant sciences, the plant genome engineering company, is proud to announce today the launch of its new website www.cellectis-plantsciences.com.

Based in Minnesota, Cellectis plant sciences develops healthier products in four major crops: potato, soybean, wheat and canola. This new website is designed to offer quick and easy access to essential information and features for a more comprehensive understanding of the Company’s core business. Cellectis plant sciences’ website reflects the Company’s commitment to develop products with health benefit to consumers.

Luc Mathis, Chief Executive Officer of Cellectis plant sciences commented, “We are very proud of our new website that clearly conveys the focus of our Company.  Our vision of agriculture is that future food products should have a benefit to consumers. Providing healthier characteristics in superior germplasm using our targeted breeding approach strategically positions Cellectis plant sciences as a new leader in the agriculture and food industry. Our goal is to apply our platform broadly to other crops, including corn, coffee, cotton, rice, alfalfa, vegetables, fruits and other key crops to bring a revolution to the industry. Partnerships will help accelerate the development outside our core crops.”

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