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to develop targeted solutions for unmet consumer and market demands

At the leading edge of accelerated plant breeding

Healthier, traceable and more sustainable products are a reality at Calyxt. Our proprietary technology produced the first gene-edited product sold in the United States. And our R&D pipeline is ready with even more products to address challenges in multiple sectors.

A next-generation innovation platform for plant-based products

Our team includes many of today’s leaders in biotechnology and gene editing. We can work with your organization to begin solving your mission-critical issues with innovation, precision and efficiency. Partnering with Calyxt means that you can harness the power of plants for your business, all with a “first in” leading-edge technology that allows products to be brought quickly to market.

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Calyxt and Abbott Informatics are teaming up to help our Calyxt customers and collaborators deliver innovative new plant-based food products.

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