Why soybean oil?

How Calyxt High Oleic Soybean can help increase your acreage returns


Calyxt contracts identity preserved grain production of our non-GMO High Oleic Soybean for a premium over the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). Growing Calyxt High Oleic Soybean is another tool that farmers can use to help diversify their farming operation to take advantage of local, premium markets. Additionally, growers can reduce their exposure to China’s influence on commodity soybean prices.


The Calyxt premium program is contracted to buy back 100{28fd8f899b5cdd92b799701dddc20d622543ce25a70e143468b831168da03016} of grain production for a premium over the CBOT, plus a premium. This premium is based on signup date, acres contracted and whether you would like to do harvest delivery or buyers-call storage.


Calyxt would also like to take the worry out of marketing. Since Calyxt will purchase back your entire production, all grain pricing is done on a percentage of harvested grain. This means that you do not need to worry about future contracting your production. There is no risk to you in a crop failure event, allowing you to set your board price with peace of mind.

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