One oil for all of your back-of-house needs

Next-generation oil that outperforms and outlasts

Discover how you can prepare healthier, more sustainable foods for every dining concept, from QSRs to fine dining. If it’s being fried, baked or sauteed right now, it can be made better with Calyxt high oleic soybean oil.

Superior performance

Foods fried in our oil looks and tastes better, even after 10 days of fry life. A 2018 Oil Comparison Study conducted at the Penn State University Center for Food Innovation showed up to a 3X increase in fry life vs. conventional soybean oil.

The difference is real

Swap out Calyxt for the other oils on your menu, and start seeing the difference in higher quality and lower costs. Food service professionals and customers alike appreciate its versatility, clean, neutral taste and heart healthy profile.

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