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Calyxt worked in collaboration with S&W Seed Company to identify quality enhancing traits for a more sustainable alfalfa product with increased bioavailability for livestock. The enhanced trait gives farmers the opportunity to produce alfalfa forage for livestock with improved digestibility, which may lead to greater animal performance. The result is a higher value alfalfa produced on the same acre with the same inputs, putting greater profitability in the hands of the farmer.

Winter Oats

We’re working to deliver a high-quality oat crop that can be grown in U.S. geographies during winter to allow growers to take advantage of double cropping acres with a gluten-free alternative grain.

High Fiber Wheat

We’re developing a high fiber wheat with up to three times more dietary fiber to provide up to 100% of the recommended daily fiber requirement.

High Oleic Low Linolenic Soybean

Our next generation premium high oleic soybean trait now includes ultra-low levels of linolenic acid, positioning it to deliver one of the most stable premium oils available on the market.


Out of reach by U.S. farmers and seed breeders for nearly 80 years, hemp has not benefited from modern breeding and genomics advances – until now. Calyxt has successfully transformed the hemp genome, opening the door to improvements in protein, fiber, advanced materials, and wellness markets. We are exploring collaboration opportunities with partners – let’s talk.