We are a company of next-generation innovators who see possibilities everywhere. We’re focused on developing better products for a healthier, more sustainable world.

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We’re bringing next generation solutions to the market to address unmet consumer, environmental and marketplace demand.

  • Winter Oats

    We’re working to deliver a high-quality oat crop that can be grown in U.S. geographies during winter to allow growers to take advantage of double cropping acres with a gluten-free alternative grain.

  • High Saturated Fat Soybean for Palm Alternative

    U.S. grown high saturated fat soybeans could provide a sustainable alternative to palm oil.

  • Hemp

    We’re working to stabilize hemp seed genetics to unleash hemp’s full potential as a crop for production of food, fiber, and nutraceuticals.

  • High Oleic Low Linolenic Soybean

    A next-generation oil expected to deliver improved performance including enhanced frying stability and flexibility for oil blending.

  • High Fiber Wheat

    We’re developing a high fiber wheat with up to three times more dietary fiber to provide up to 100% of the recommended daily fiber requirement.

  • Alfalfa

    Calyxt worked in collaboration with S&W Seed Company to identify quality enhancing traits for a more sustainable alfalfa product with increased bioavailability for livestock. The enhanced trait gives farmers the opportunity to produce alfalfa forage for livestock with improved digestibility, which may lead to greater animal performance. The result is a higher value alfalfa produced on the same acre with the same inputs, putting greater profitability in the hands of the farmer.

  • We have exciting news!

    Calyxt and Abbott Informatics are teaming up to help our Calyxt customers and collaborators deliver innovative new plant-based food products.