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Calyxt High Oleic Soybean Oil

Produced with both consumers and food service and food manufacturers in mind, Calyxt oil is healthier, locally grown and traceable from farm to table.

Calyxt high oleic soybean oil delivers superior nutritional and functional benefits including: zero trans fat and 20% reduced saturated fat – providing an FDA qualified heart health claim, allergen and gluten free, less oil absorption, expeller pressed, superior stability and performance, increased fry life*, and reduced build up in fryers.

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Calyxt High Fiber Wheat

Most consumers struggle to meet their recommended daily intake of fiber. Calyxt is developing a High Fiber Wheat that performs and tastes like traditional white flour, but with up to three times more dietary fiber. A single serving of this new flour may provide up to 100% of the recommended daily fiber requirement.

Calyxt Low Lignin Alfalfa

Low lignin alfalfa improves digestibility, creating a more efficient feed system. The nutritional component of low lignin alfalfa is more bioavailable, delivering more nutrients per pound of feed fed.

High Oleic Soybean Meal

High oleic soybean meal naturally supports health and production for dairy, hogs and poultry herds. Our high oleic meal is a full-fat (6%) product created by expeller press, never through chemical extraction.

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