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Imagine a world with sustainable fabrics, plant-based packaging, green building materials, and lower emissions. Calyxt does.

Explore the ideation that our technology platform could support below.

  • Plant-Based Protein

    Plant-based protein is becoming a staple on menus and commands premium shelf space in supermarkets. Consumer demands for the health and sustainability benefits of non-animal sourced proteins are expected to continue to grow.

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  • Advanced Therapeutics

    Plant-based therapeutics offer numerous benefits like reduced or no allergenicity, year-round “pharming”, and could be used as prospective vaccine candidates for pandemics and other diseases.

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  • Regenerative Agriculture

    The opportunities are plenty to turn farming systems into engines that could combat climate change by focusing on soil health, water management, fertilizer use and more.

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  • Green Building Materials

    Innovative materials such as bioplastics and plant-based insulation, which are grown and harvested responsibly, are quickly becoming available on a commercial scale.

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  • Renewable Clean Energy

    Renewable fuel use is soaring as consumers seek accessible, impactful solutions to address climate change, and corporations are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint with high-impact innovations.

  • Functional Nutrition

    Better-for-you foods have never been in higher demand as consumers are expecting more out of their processed and packaged food choices. From enhanced nutritionals to meaningful front-of-pack claims, CPGs need to offer more.

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  • Plant-Based Packaging Solutions

    Plant-based packaging options are a highly desired alternative to traditional paper and plastic materials. Many consumers are even willing to pay more for a solution that reduces long term environmental costs.

  • Animal Nutrition

    Pet owners want to feed their pets as good as they feed the rest of the family. Consumers are demanding their pet food to deliver benefits like clean label, increased palatability, higher performance, therapeutic support, and more.

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  • Meet the Calyxt Scientific Advisory Board

    Dan Voytas, Ph.D.
    Calyxt Scientific Advisory Board Chair and Professor in the Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development at the University of Minnesota
    Elizabeth Sattely, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and HHMI Investigator, Stanford University
    Paul Bernasconi, Ph.D.
    Former Global Function Head for Molecular Biology, BASF Biosciences
    Anne Osbourn, Ph.D.
    Group Leader, John Innes Centre