Our process

Starting from the ground up

Our researchers carefully work with each seed at a molecular level, removing the unhealthy parts and reinforcing nutritional benefits. Unlike GMO crops, we never add any foreign material; instead we work with the unique characteristics that naturally exist in each plant.

Growing a Calyxt partnership

Calyxt partners with like-minded farmers to grow these crops with an emphasis on sustainability, and delivers those ingredients to like-minded food companies to help them produce healthier, more cost-effective products. All our products are tracked from start to finish using a closed-loop system to ensure they meet safety and quality standards.

A natural approach

Calyxt makes everyday food healthier by improving the nutritional quality of plants, employing cutting-edge breeding techniques. Using our patented technology, we do what farmers have been doing for years, only more precisely and over the course of years, instead of decades, giving our crops the same outcomes that could occur in nature in a fraction of the time.

Fully traceable foodfrom concept to fork.

We believe that people want to know where their food comes from. The Calyxt Identity Preserved Program is a unique supply chain model that tracks each ingredient from seed all the way to final product, giving consumers a fully traceable food experience. This complete transparency allows food manufacturers to provide an open and honest ingredient story, down to where the crop was grown and which farmer grew it, adding to the premium quality of our ingredients.