Calyno™ High Oleic Soybean Oil

Our premium High Oleic Soybean Oil is produced with both consumers and foodservice operators in mind. It’s healthier, locally grown and traceable from seed to final product. And with a light, neutral flavor, Calyno™ is ideal for a wide variety of uses. This product is available now for food manufacturers and foodservice companies.


  • Contains approximately 80 percent oleic acid, similar to olive, sunflower and safflower oils
  • 20 percent less saturated fatty acids than commodity soybean oil
  • Zero grams of trans fat and PHOs per serving
  • Fry life up to three times longer than commodity soybean oil
  • Extended shelf life due to high oleic content
  • High stability and smoke point
  • Reduced polymer buildup in fryers
  • Domestically grown, processed and packaged
  • 100 percent traceable supply chain from our growing partners in the Midwest to the finished oil product
  • Neutral taste enhances flavor of the food with less oil absorption and oily residue when used for frying
  • Consistently gives foods an appetizing golden color, lighter consistency and fresh appearance
  • Non-GMO: While there are other varieties of high oleic soybean oil commercially available, they are produced using GMOs. Calyno™ High Oleic Soybean Oil is a great alternative; our product has gone through rigorous reviews by the FDA and USDA and deemed non-GMO.

Food Applications

  • Frying and stir-frying
  • Salad dressings
  • Sauces
  • Granola bars
  • Cereals
  • Meatless burgers
  • And more

Pack sizes available

  • 4/1 gallon
  • 35-lb. jug-in-box (JIB)
  • 55-gallon drum