Yves Ribeill, Ph.D.

Executive Chairman

Dr. Yves Joseph Ribeill, Ph.D. Founded Scynexis, Inc (NASDAQ: SCYX) and served as its President from November 1999 to July 2015 and served as its Chief Executive Officer from November 1999 to April 1, 2015. Prior to organizing Scynexis, Inc. in 2000, Dr. Ribeill served various positions during the 25 years of his international career with Rhone-Poulenc, Aventis including Discovery Chemistry Group leader for Anti-Viral Research and later in the Central Nervous System Group in France. He served as Group Leader in the Cardiovascular Group in England. Upon his return to France, Dr. Ribeill served as Director of Chemistry for the Anti-Infective Group. He was involved in all phases of the drug discovery and development effort that resulted in the FDA approval of multiple drugs. He has been a Director of various Biotech companies in Europe and the US. He served as a Director of Scynexis, Inc. from November 1999 to March 16, 2016. He is the author of more than 26 publications and 15 patents. He was a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Health Organization and of the Medicine Malaria Venture in Geneva. Dr. Ribeill has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Montpellier (France).